I'm Eric Johnson. I'm a User Experience Designer and Researcher based in Denver, CO.

 I believe that communication is at the heart of everything that we do as people and I feel blessed to have worked with clients from so many different walks of life. By understanding people first, we can then correctly and effectively solve problems for them.

I love water sports, hiking, Crossfit, creating original music, and being silly (when the time is right). I believe that having a sense of humor is important - life gets serious sometimes, so you've got to remember to laugh.

I truly love creative collaboration because of what you can discover within the energy of a group. When working with others, I like to bring an open approach and make sure I hear everyone else on the team before I speak -- if you choose to have your voice heard first, you've already lost. The other bonus to making others feel heard is that they’ll then be able to truly listen and consequently perform at their best!

Everything starts with people. The further we seek to understand and empathize, the more that we can help one another.


DaVita Kidney Care

Avion Media Group

Four Winds Interactive


Pura Vida Fitness & Spa

Slingshot Entertainment


Qualitative User Research: usability testing, field studies, session recording, stakeholder interviews, user interviews, immersive research

Quantitative User Research: analyzing web data, A/B testing, heat mapping, surveys, click testing



Communicating/Presenting User Research Findings